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We provide news, sports and weather to the entire Heartland Of America but we also provide you other information that you need. To make our communities better we need to discuss the good and the bad and the ugly of our communities. We want to know what you want to talk about! Signup for an account and login on the right side of this page… then above you can click on Be Heard to put in the info that you want people to tallk about. 


If you want to do that without others knowing who you are then please email me at dave@inthehoa.com. Those will always be protected. The first set of articles we are going to talk about will be a 12 month series on what Butler County and the City of Poplar Bluff are doing to be ready to take advantage of the growth that will come with I57 moving from Sikeston first to Little Rock and then all the way thru Lousianna to the Gulf of Mexico. Here is what we are planning right now. They are subject to change but it is a good idea of what all we will discuss. Please tell us what else we need to talk about or what you would like more info on from our elected officials!

  1. We are going to grow whether we want to or not with I57 coming thru. How do we get ready for it so that we can take advantage of it as soon as possible?
  2. Start of Butler County and City of Poplar Bluff – Early Growth and Business
  3. The Tornado that halted growth
  4. City Management – elected officials, what they do, why elections are important
  5. County Management – elected officials, what they do, why elections are important
  6. The death of downtown – How to revitalize downtown
  7. Poverty and Jobs – How do we get more jobs, what kind of jobs can we get, how do we get higher paying jobs to add to the low paying ones we have. We cannot grow with just retail jobs. We need office, internet and manufacturing jobs and we need to bring them in now. South Poplar Bluff is a Federal HUB Zone. That could be great to put together a incubator for Government Contractors. 
  8. Schools -Academics, Athletics everything else, includes PB, Neelyville, Twin Rivers, Naylor – College – TRC, SEMO, ASU. Schools right now are a problem in the area. in discussions with Hospitals in the area they are saying that they cannot get many doctors to move here because of the ratings of our schools.
  9. Crime Rate and control of crime rate including Drug Problems(police and sheriff, Ambulance, Fire, other Emergency Response)
  10. Infrastructure – Roads, Electric, Internet, Cable, water, sewer
  11. Entertainment – Theatre, movies, things for kids to do, park department, food and better restaurants, Farm to table restaurants to take advantage of what we grow in this area.
  12. Future I-57 how it will bring dexter and corning closer and give PB a north south and east west route for distribution and travel. Does Poplar Bluff become the Hub of the area or do we allow some other city to become that hub because we did not plan correctly.
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