What to Plant in Mid February

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Mid February means it is time to start planting for the garden. Especially with weather into the Mid to upper 70s in SouthEast Missouri. Now is a great time to start planting seed indoors to have them ready to plant in the garden.

Here are the Pellet packs that I have found the best to start seeds inside the house.

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Heirloom Seed Pack {amazonWS:itemId=B01C59ZNZK,B01C59ZNZK;}

Heirloom Cabbage {amazonWS:itemId=B00LKU1O36,B01G621ZIG,B00LKU1O36,B01G621ZIG;}

Heirloom Cauliflower {amazonWS:itemId=B00B20X5FO,B00LKUFCQ6,B00B20X5FO,B00LKUFCQ6;}

Heirloom Lettuce {amazonWS:itemId=B00P18ZNNA,B01F9HM5QK,B00AWL3PPO,B01M01RDJC,B00P18ZNNA,B01F9HM5QK,B00AWL3PPO,B01M01RDJC;}


Right now you can start to plant onions and Spinach outside!








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