Trying the weight loss buddy 3-day diet

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A couple of months ago the VA Doctor changed one of my Medications and I gained 40 lbs in about 40 days and now that they changed it to one that will not make me gain weight I need to get busy losing weight now. I have been trying to do it on my own and have lost a couple of pounds but now I am going to try this…. 

Price: $99.00

This was a very interesting diet to me because of the addition of people to help me lose weight and the 3 days of fasting with some snacks to shock my body into the changes that need to be made. 

I will finish the fast over the weekend and will discuss it each morning on KLID and post information here about the fast and how it is going. Monday I will have Kathryn Raaker from Weight Loss Buddy 3-Day Diet on the air with me to talk about the diet and the buddy system that they have that is free!


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