Trying the weight loss buddy 3-day diet

A couple of months ago the VA Doctor changed one of my Medications and I gained 40 lbs in about 40 days and now that they changed it to one that will not make me gain weight I need to get busy losing weight now. I have been trying to do it on my own and have lost a couple of pounds but now I am going to try this….  This was a very interesting…

"Trying the weight loss buddy 3-day diet"

Missouri Department of Agriculture temporarily issues Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order on all Dicamba products in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Effective immediately, Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn has issued a Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order on all products labeled for agricultural use that contain Dicamba in Missouri. All on-farm applications of Dicamba products must cease immediately. Since Jan. 1, 2017, the Department’s Bureau of Pesticide Control has received more than 130 pesticide drift complaints that are believed to be related to Dicamba, which has allegedly damaged thousands of acres…

"Missouri Department of Agriculture temporarily issues Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order on all Dicamba products in Missouri"

Grow Your Own Health

Grow Your Own Health Many years ago, it used to be that the majority of people relied on natural remedies. But then that sort of got pushed aside and modern medicine took over. There’s no doubt that modern medicine has done a lot of good. But it’s not without its downside. Sometimes people end up overmedicated for health issues that can be treated simply and effectively at home. A great way to treat some of…

"Grow Your Own Health"

Bats – Friendly and Helpful Little Beasts

Bats are clean, gentle and intelligent little animals. And – they are vital to the ecosystem and help in many ways. Fruit and nectar bats help us with approximately 450 commercial products and over 80 different medicines through seed dispersal and pollination. Up to 98% of all rainforest regrowth comes from seeds that have been spread by fruit bats. Insect-eating bats help us in the night skies by eating insect-pests that destroy crops and cause…

"Bats – Friendly and Helpful Little Beasts"

Heirloom Seeds of Distinction

These are some great heirloom seeds that have never been genetically modified but are just different. From naturally black tomatoes to super sweet corn of many different colors to so much more. Great to eat and Fun to grow and share with neighbors! {amazonWS:itemId=B01EMX8AZM,B01EMX8AZM;} {amazonWS:keywords=SEEDZ;searchIndex=All;itemPage=1;} {amazonWS:itemId=B00AVZVGP2,B00E950WQ4,B019RCR4JG,B00AVZVGP2,B00E950WQ4,B019RCR4JG;} {amazonWS:itemId=B01AYKMR1A,B01AYKMR1A;} {amazonWS:itemId=B01A2UOIM8,B01A2UOIM8;} {amazonWS:itemId=B01HD6NIF2,B01HD6NIF2;} {amazonWS:itemId=B00N48FPUA,B00N48FPUA;} {amazonWS:itemId=B00AR849V6,B017Y6ARA0,B00B2002N2,B00AR80NXO,B00AR849V6,B017Y6ARA0,B00B2002N2,B00AR80NXO;} {amazonWS:itemId=B00BPFL2UG,B00AR91Y6S,B00PT1ETOS,B006IH0R2K,B01IZZ4BC4,B00BPFL2UG,B00AR91Y6S,B00PT1ETOS,B006IH0R2K,B01IZZ4BC4;} {amazonWS:itemId=B00ZCWXQO8,B00ZCWXQO8;}    

"Heirloom Seeds of Distinction"

The Right Frost Blanket to Save Your Flowers and Garden

With a warm winter the flowers, trees and other plants are starting to bloom early. This is wonderful except the chance of a late freeze is high. To protect your vegitation you need the right frost blanket to put over your plants as the temp drops. Here are some great picks for frost blankets to protect your vegetation at great prices from! {amazonWS:itemId=B005CERIZE,B0046VHVEM,B01M9816HS,B005LH1BHS,B0157LVZKA,B01G53MO0O,B005CERIZE,B0046VHVEM,B01M9816HS,B005LH1BHS,B0157LVZKA,B01G53MO0O;}

"The Right Frost Blanket to Save Your Flowers and Garden"